Jon Basker

I’m a young entrepreneur based in the UK, working in the music and media industries. A couple of years ago I decided to embark on an adventure and took the plunge to start my own business; quickly enough this process became an addiction, as the exhilaration of building one start-up business grew to  numerous others!

At the heart of it all I’m a musician, with a 1st class music degree and play the guitar, flute, and sing.

Music is where my main drive comes from, but I have a deep interest in the cross-over between the world of business/finance and the entertainment business, and it’s this passion that dictates my work.

I’m exploring that fascinating connection through my own ventures (see below), but along this amazing journey so far, I continue to discover other passions that drive me on in my day-to-day life and work.

    1. I love building projects from scratch and seeing those seeds of ideas blossom into reality.  Nothing beats having a dream so big it scares you, and building those ideas to a stage where you can be proud of your creations
    2. Helping others, which is the foundation of two of my service based businesses
    3. A great passion for my home town of Bristol – through a global view of business and increasing international activities, I work hard to promote the city around the world

…All of which boils down to being fascinated by the entrepreneurial journey; its ups and downs, and the lessons learnt along the way.

As well as an information point about my current projects, this website will serve as a place to share interesting events, topics, and a few thoughts about the journey. 

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Audio Bay Management

Audio Bay Management is a professional music management company, currently based in Bristol, UK. Specialising in developing unique talent in a personal and supportive environment, Audio Bay’s acts deliver the highest quality musical outputs across a variety of genres – from classical through to EDM. Established in 2013, the company works to find opportunities across events, syncs, licensing and record deals to ensure long term success for their roster.

Audio Bay Management


Locatune is an innovative start-up music tech company, which operates at the cutting edge of the music scene. We specialize in providing high quality audio recordings of live performances, available instantly online. Our recordings are accessed by utilizing the very latest smartphone technologies to provide an exciting user experience which enhances enjoyment of live events. With currently just over a year’s worth of development time, Locatune have refined their innovative process and are currently sourcing investment for their next stage of development.



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